Find Your Path Of Life Number!

How to Find your Path of Life Number! IT’S EASY!
Use the calculator below to discover your path of life number:


Month Day Year


OR…..calculate the formula yourself by using these  simple steps:

Add all the numbers of your birth date together. Total the sum (or sums) until you reach a single number.

Example:  December 18, 1989

Step 1:
Month Day Year of Birth
(1+2 ) + (1+8 ) + (1+9+8+9 ) = 39

Step 2:

3 + 9 = 12(Some birthdays reach a single number at step 2!)

Step 3:

1 + 2 = 3

Your Path of Life number would be ‘3’ with our example!!!  Now use your birthday!


Read about yourself below!

Path of Life 1

You are an Original # 1. You are a Leader, Ambitious, Dynamic, Intelligent, Demanding, Athletic, Independent, Honest, and Courageous.

Royal Amethyst bracelet w2Path of Life 2

You are a Charming # 2. You are Compassionate, Graceful, Friendly, Patient, Understanding, Perceptive, Shy, Diplomatic, and Peaceful.

Life Path 3

You are a Joyful # 3. You are Talented, Creative, Expressive, Sociable, Fashionable, Optimistic, Witty and Uplifting.

Path of Life 4

You are a Proud # 4. You are Loyal, Honest, Strong, Devoted, Disciplined, Reliable, Hard-Working and a Problem-Solver.

Path of Life 5

You are an Adventurous # 5. You are Curious, Passionate, Humorous, Clever, Physical, Energetic, Calculating, Multi-Talented and a Free Spirit.

Path of Life 6

You are a Charismatic # 6. You are Artistic, Compassionate, Idealistic, Harmonious, Thoughtful, Nurturing, Unselfish, and Generous.Ocean splendor w-6

Path of Life 7

You are a Wise # 7. You are Knowledgeable, Intellectual, Analytical, Introspective, Mystical, Insightful, a Perfectionist, and a Seeker of Truth.

Path of Life 8

You are a Powerful # 8. You are Strong, Authoritative, an Excellent Judge of Character, Striving, Professional, a Leader, Sincere, Charitable and a Visionary.

Path of Life 9

You are an Insightful # 9. You are Inspirational, Philosophical, Artistic, Gifted, Lucky, Unconventional, Tolerant, Giving, a Humanitarian.

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