March Has The “3” Vibration

March Has The “3” Vibration

You need to include humor, communication, joy and creativity into this month.

The 3 vibration is about expression. How can you express your creativity?  What brings you joy?

This month will support you in anything creative.  It also encourages socializing.  Have a party, meet a friend, plan an activity…

And last of all, have a belly laugh! 

Gerry Gets Your Number!

Gerry Gets Your Number!

Prince came into this world on 6/7/1958 which makes him a 9 Path of Life in numerology. His birthday tells me that he was a socially conscious humanitarian deeply concerned about the state of our world. He was an artist in the truest sense of the word being a 9 Path of Life. With his 7 birthday, he was a deep thinker and felt life deeply but didn’t share his feelings openly on a personal level.

His whole name on his birth certificate adds to a 1 Expression and he was highly independent and ambitious. Interestingly, by taking the name Prince professionally, that gave him an 11 master number energy which is all about enlightening people’s lives. His Heart’s Desire of 9 was making the world a better place and being of service in the grander scheme of life. 

Rest in peace dear Prince Rogers Nelson!

6/7/1958 to 4/21/2016

What Is Your Personal Year?

What Is Your Personal Year?

Find your personal year number by adding YOUR:

Month   +    Day   +   7  =   Your Personal Year.

Here is mine for an example:

Month  +   Day    +      7

June            17 (1+7)

6         +   8       +      7  =  21 (2+1)  = 3  =  Gerry’s Personal Year.

The reason why we add  7 to our month and day is because it is the energy of the Universal year. 2+0+1+4 = 7





A year to lead. Be decisive. Be prepared for new beginnings and success. Take charge!


A year for cooperation, compromise and patience. Feelings and emotions may surface

more than usual.


A year for personal creative expression. Communicate, laugh, socialize and enjoy life.


A year for organization and a systematic approach to life. Hard work, stability and focus

will bring opportunities in building a solid foundation in your life.


A year of changes, surprises and excitement.  Create,  promote yourself, travel and go

with the flow. This year will fly by fast!


A year for creating harmony in all matters.  Could be a good year for business, signing

contracts and marriage. Nurture yourself and others in this year.


A year of contemplation, reflection, soul searching and introspection. Experience

the joy and beauty of life.  Note: We are in a 7 Universal year where everyone

will feel this energy.  (2014 = 7)


A year dealing with power, success and material growth. Balance is the key. Execute

business plans. Don’t forget to be tactful this year!


A year of completion, letting go, humility.  Don’t fear letting go. The last nine years are

coming to fruition. Stay positive.

What Should You Do In September?

What Should You Do In September?

September has the ‘9’ vibration.

This is a good month to make room for the new. Clean out those closets and get rid of the things that aren’t relevant in your life.Then… give it to charity and make someone’s life better!

You will be feeling your inner power and being able to connect to your true self in this month. Think before you speak and always try to be humble and loving.

Knowing and wearing your number will: Amplify your personal power. Create a connection to your authentic self.

What Does The Month Of December Have In Store For You?

What Does The Month Of December Have In Store For You?

December breaks down to the number 3 (1 + 2 = 3).

The number ‘3’ is all about joy and expressing creativity.  As I was thinking about what I was going to tell you about the energy of December, I thought about all of the celebrations in this month.  In many faiths…. December is about celebrating in this dark month on the calendar.  Short days.  Brief light.

We must celebrate OUR inner light.

Are you stressed with the holidays?

Laugh at your circumstances!  Throw up your hands and giggle…Give yourself a break and think about those who are less fortunate.

What is your secret to reaching joy in your soul in this month of December? Please, please smile and rejoice in your precious self.

That will make ME smile and make me happy.


It’s October…What Should You Do??

It’s October…What Should You Do??

October is a 10 month

Ten times the power of 1 !!!

This month will help you accomplish what you desire.

1 is the energy of success, achievement and innovation.

What can you do to move your life forward in this month?

To start, try something small.

Make a decision that you have been avoiding.

This month will support you in that decision!